The Teachers Education Centre in Białystok is an institution which organises training courses for teachers, headmasters of schools and other educational institutions as well as for methodical consultants and educational control workers. It is a self-administration regional organisation functioning under the guidance of the local parliament of Podlaski region.
The TEC is accredited by the Head of the Educational Department of Podlaski region, Decision Nr NP.-4431/11/05.
The Teachers Education Centre in Białystok carries on a long tradition of regional teacher training institutions such as IKNiBO, IKN, ZPDN, ODN and WOM. In 2008 the Centre will celebrate 60 years from the date of its foundation. 
The organisational structure of the TEC includes a teacher training centre and pedagogical library. Both sectors have a highly qualified staff of consultants, teachers and librarians, who closely cooperate with regional and national universities and colleges as well as other educational institutions.
In the Centre there are lecture rooms with audiovisual equipment as well as a computer laboratory with a lightguide access to the Internet.
There is a wide range of books in the Centre’s library, the reading hall offers the newest educational magazines, and one can also find and borrow educational programs in the media library.
The TEC publishes an educational magazine „ASPEKTY” (“Aspects”), which comes out 6 times a year in print and electronic version, methodical editions on various topics as well as „Warsztatowa oferta konsultanta” (“Consultant’s workshop offer”) (comes out every 3 months), which contains propositions of 4-hour courses for teachers. 
The site presents current information about training courses. Education workers have an opportunity to present their own methodical ideas on the site in the column „Materiały dydaktyczne dla nauczycieli” (“Didactic Materials for Teachers”). Besides, teachers are offered individual consultations.

Tasks of the Teachers Education Centre:

• preparation and realisation of programmes for continuous training of managing staff, methodical consultants, workers of supervising departments, schools and educational institutions, 
• preparation and realisation of teacher training programmes.
• Courses:

o refresher courses 
o specialised courses
o qualifying courses
o methodical workshops

• Methodical conferences
• Offers for consultants and methodical advisers
• Training for teachers councils 
• Seminars
• Educational projects
• Online training courses 
• Academic competitions 
• Individual consultations
Tasks of the Pedagogical Library in Białystok and TEC’s branches 
in Bielsk Podlaski, Hajnówka, Mońki, Siemiatycze and Sokółka

Compilation, adaptation and offering of: 
• publications in the sphere of pedagogy, psychology, sociology and related disciplines 
• encyclopedias, dictionaries, albums and informational magazines 
• scientific publications 
• fiction, works of the world classics and books for school students 
• educational programmes and text-books 
• magazines:

o pedagogical 
o educational

• audiovisual collections:

o video casettes 
o audio cassettes (songs for young children, radio programmes, etc.)
o educational programmes and CD encyclopedias

Informational-bibliographic Department: 
offers advice in the sphere of information and bibliography, conducts consultations for school libraries, organises workshops, conferences, self-education groups etc. 
For any further information contact us:
Tel. 085 7329867, fax. 085 7329865